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Tell me about your bars in one sentence.

Inspired by Snowdonia, our tasty free-from bars are made from five simple, natural ingredients – they’re free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar, high in fibre, suitable for vegetarians/vegans and are nutritionally balanced to give you SIMPLE. OUTDOOR. ENERGY.

What’s the story behind your bars?

We launched our Wild Trail snacks bar range in 2016.  Inspired by Snowdonia, and in particular our favourite place – Craig yr Aderyn – we wanted to create nutritionally balanced snacks that would help energise people to get outside, get active and explore their own wild trail… whatever or wherever that might be.  Not only that, but we wanted to make snacks from natural ingredients and with easy-to-understand ingredients lists.  That’s why we make our bars from just five simple, natural ingredients that you’ll recognise and love.  We make our bars using craft, care and a little bit of Snowdonia magic… which is why we think you can taste our love of the great outdoors in every bite

You’re always talking about ‘Craig yr Aderyn’ – what/where is it?

Craig yr Aderyn, also known as Bird Rock, is in the Dysynni Valley inside the Snowdonia National Park… and is just around the corner from our HQ.  It’s a place that many of the Wild Trail family have been exploring for many a year.  Craig yr Aderyn rises 258m above sea level and has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  It’s home to an array of wildlife and no doubt gets its name from the fact it’s home to a whole variety of birds.  It’s the largest inland breeding site for cormorants in the UK but you’ll also see owls, peregrine falcons, redstarts, wheatears and linnets as well as the odd red kite.  The site was home to an Iron Age hill fort and rumour has it that a young Charles Darwin climbed up our rock too.  We love it for our Wild Trail, where you can follow our signs from the roadside right up to the summit, where you’re rewarded with 360 degree views out to sea and back inland to Cadair Idris. 

Who buys your bars?

All sorts of people buy and use our bars.  Lots of active people use our bars to help energise their activities – whether it’s hiking, running, cycling, mountain biking, swimming, climbing or many other sports and recreational activities.  Then there are people who use our bars as a snack during their working day to give them that bit of extra energy to get them through the day.  There are the parents who buy for them for their children (but pinch the odd bar for themselves!) for lunchboxes, picnics and to replace the energy they burn from all that running around.  And of course there are the people that buy our bars because they have specific dietary needs… whether they’re gluten intolerant/coeliac, vegetarian, vegan or avoiding refined sugar.  We’ve tried to create bar that appeals to as many people as possible!

What are the benefits of your bars?

At Wild Trail, we’re all about SIMPLE. OUTDOOR. ENERGY.  Our bars offer a great nutritional balance using only five simple, natural and easy-to-digest ingredients (we score extremely well on the FSA’s Nutrient Profile scoring system).  Plenty of people with specific dietary requirements can eat our bars as we’re gluten, dairy and refined sugar free and suitable for vegans.  Our bars are high in fibre with healthy wholegrains that can help with a healthy heart and digestive system. 

Our bars are also a source of protein, vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants and other important nutrients.  Pumpkin seeds and packed with magnesium and zinc, essentially for energy levels, whilst Cacao is a natural antioxidant.  Our bars only contain naturally occurring sugars, predominantly from the fruit ingredients, which are designed to give a natural energy boost and can be more easily processed by the body than refined sugars.  The oats and nuts enable slower release energy, which means they’ll also keep you going for longer.

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Where do you make your bars?

We make our bars in Tywyn, Gwynedd – it’s on the coast in Mid-Wales and a stone’s throw from the Snowdonia National Park (which we can see from the windows of our HQ).  We get the best of both worlds… coast and mountains!  We have a great team innovating and making our bars – many with decades worth of experience in the snack bar industry.

Who makes your bars?

We make our bars at our own factory as part of Brighter Foods Ltd.  Wild Trail is a Brighter Foods brand and our factory is based in Tywyn, Gwynedd (Wales) – a stone’s throw from Snowdonia National Park and our favourite place – Craig yr Aderyn.  Brighter Foods is a contract manufacturer and also makes bars for other brands, but we wanted to have our own brand, which is why we launched our Wild Trail bars in 2016.

Is your factory accredited?

We have been awarded the highest rating of BRC accreditation (AA standard).  As part of this accreditation, we are also given a separate Gluten Free certification.

What’s your Food Safety Rating?

We’re pleased to say that our Food Safety Rating is 5 (the highest possible score).

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What makes Wild Trail different from other snack bars?

Our Wild Trail bars are all made from only five simple, natural ingredients that have been designed to ensure they are nutritionally balanced and provide a quick burst of energy (through the sugars in the fruits) whilst also providing slower release energy (through the nuts and oats). 

We were the first fruit and nut trail bar to be topped with whole fruit or veg and nut pieces… so we look great as well as taste great!

We also use raisins in our bars (rather than dates like many of our competitors) as we think they offer a better taste and texture when combined with our other ingredients.

What flavours are your bars available in?

We currently have four flavours available – Cacao, Carrot Cake, Seed & Nut and Sweet & Salty. 

What formats are your bars available in?

Our bars are currently sold as 46g single bars or in 4x30g multipack cartons.

What are the five simple ingredients in your bars?

Cacao:  Raisins (42%), Peanuts (40%), Gluten free oats, Cacao (5%), Apple juice concentrate.

Carrot Cake:  Raisins (52%), Cashews (37%), Gluten free oats, Dried carrot (3.5%), Ground cinnamon.

Seed & Nut:  Raisins (42%), Peanuts (38%), Pumpkin seeds (7%), Gluten free oats, Apple juice concentrate.

Sweet & Salty: Raisins (44%), Peanuts (42%), Gluten free oats, Apple juice concentrate, Anglesey sea salt PDO (1%)

What’s in your apple juice concentrate?

Don’t worry – our apple juice concentrate is 100% apple juice (nothing added and no hidden nasties!).

What is the nutritional data for your bars?

You can find the full nutritional data listed on our website in the Our Snacks section.

How much fat is in your bars – aren’t peanuts and cashews fatty?

Across the four available flavours, our 30g bars have an average of 4.08g fat, of which only 0.45g is saturated, whilst our 46g bars have an average of 6.25g fat, of which only 0.7g is saturated.  Close to 90% of the fats in our bars are unsaturated fats.  Unsaturated fats, often called ‘good fats’, can help reduce the risk of high blood cholesterol levels and therefore lower the risk of heart disease.  Peanuts and cashews have higher levels of unsaturated fats (specifically the heart healthy monounsaturated fat) and can help form part of a balanced diet.

How much sugar is in your bars?

Across the four available flavours, our 30g bars have an average of 9.98g sugars per bar and our 46g bars have an average of 15.25g per bar.  The sugars in our bars are all naturally occurring sugars that mainly come from the fruits (ie. raisins).  We don’t use any refined sugar in our bars.  Natural sugars deliver fructose and glucose differently to the body compared to refined sugars, as fruits are not just fructose in shape form, they also contain nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and fibre.  Having these added elements means the body can slow down the absorption of fructose.  In terms of glucose, your body needs this, but not too much of it, which is why it’s always good to monitor all your sugar intake. 

How should I store your bars?

Our bars are classed as an ‘ambient’ product and, once purchased, we advise that they’re stored in a cool, dry place. However, that hasn’t stopped people testing our bars in extreme climates like the Amazon jungle, the Arctic, on Everest and at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro (and where they passed with flying colours)!

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How are your bars ‘free-from’?

Our bars are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar.  We’re also vegetarian and vegan.

Are all your bars gluten free?

Yes.  All our bars are gluten free… we even have the certificate to prove it.  Each year, our factory has to pass a strict audit to achieve BRC accreditation.  We have achieved ‘AA’ standard (the best possible score) and, as part of this accreditation, we’re tested for gluten and receive a specific ‘gluten free’ certification.

Are all your bars dairy free?

Yes, all our bars are dairy free.

Are all your bars vegetarian and vegan?

Yes, all our bars are vegetarian and vegan. 

Are all your bars high in fibre?

Yes, all our bars are high in fibre.

Are all your bars free from refined sugar?

Yes.  We don’t add any refined sugar to our bars.  The only sugars in our bars are the naturally occurring sugars from the ingredients. 

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Why do you use peanuts?

We like the taste and we like the crunch!  Plus, peanuts have a range of benefits and are ideal for creating a nutritionally balanced product like ours.  They’re a great source of healthy fats, protein, fibre and nutrients.  Studies have indicated that peanuts can be used for weight loss and are linked to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease when they form part of a balanced diet.

Why do you use raisins?

When we were first creating our bars, we tried recipes with both raisins and dates.  However, we all agreed we much preferred raisins for both their taste and texture.  They don’t have the sickly sweet aftertaste sometimes associated with dates and we think they balance better with our other ingredients.

Do all your bars have peanuts in?

No.  Three of our bars have peanuts (Apple, Cacao and Seed & Nut) but our Carrot Cake bar has cashews instead.

You’re a ‘fruit and nut’ bar but aren’t peanuts actually a legume?

Correct.  Peanuts are officially a ‘legume’ but they also come under the definition of a ‘culinary nut’.

Do you have a nut-free bar in your range?

Not at the moment.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We would love to source all our ingredients from the UK but unfortunately it just isn’t possible due to the nature or specification of the ingredients required.  We’re pleased to say that all our oats come from Devon, and the sea salt for our Sweet & Salty bar comes from Anglesey (Halen Mon sea salt) but for things like raisins, cacao and peanuts then we have to go further afield.  Sometimes, we also need a certain specification on an ingredient that isn’t available in the UK.  For example, we cannot source the volume of dried apple in the UK and we also had to look overseas for our dried carrot (to ensure we could source a specification that had no added sugar as a preservative, which is common place).  We are always liaising with ingredients suppliers to look at UK-based options and will continue to do this.

Are all your ingredients GMO free?

Yes.  We ensure, though the accredited suppliers that we use, that all our ingredients are GMO free.

Are your ingredients Fair Trade?

We don’t have a Fair Trade certification on our product but we make sure we work with reputable, accredited suppliers who trade fairly with their producers.

Are your ingredients Organic?

No, at this stage we’re not organic but we do look to use natural ingredients sourced from accredited suppliers.

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Where do you source your packaging?

All of our packaging is sourced from suppliers in the UK and is also printed in the UK.

Is your packaging recyclable?

All our cardboard packaging is recyclable.  This includes our 4x30g cartons and the SRP (shelf-ready packaging) display cases that we use for retail, as well as any outer cardboard cases.  This also includes the cardboard boxes that we package our web orders in.

At the moment, the film wrapper around our bar is not fully recyclable but is classed as ‘recycling ready’.  The film can be recycled in certain parts of Europe but the UK is not currently one of them.  We have explored other films in the hope of making it more recyclable but at present none of these perform to a reasonable standard to safely form a barrier to protect the product and ensure its shelf life.  We are constantly talking to packaging companies and hope that the industry can provide us with viable options in the near future.

Is your packaging compostable?

No.  We have spent a lot of time speaking to various packaging companies about compostable film as this is something we would love to switch to if possible.  However, no company can currently offer a suitable compostable film for our type of product that can guarantee the required performance, and level of protection, for the bar over the required shelf life.  We are continuing to explore this type of film and are still working with various packaging companies to see if this can be a viable option in the future. 

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Where can I buy your bars in stores?

We’re available in Tesco (around 570 stores across the UK – in the wholefood/lunchbox section) and in Co-op stores in Wales (over 70 stores). We are also stocked by a large range of independent health food shops, cafes, delis, sports and outdoor centres around the UK.

Where can I buy your bars online?

We are available in Tesco online, Ocado, Amazon (including Amazon Prime and Subscribe & Save) and in our webshop on this website.  We are also sold through Howies online store and in a range of online subscription sites including SnakPack, SourcedBox, StopMyCraving and Vegan Tuck Box.

How can I order your product outside of the UK?

You can buy a selection of our bars through Amazon if you’re in France, Germany, Italy or Spain.  In the Middle East, we are also available in Y Internationals ‘Lulu’ supermarkets.

I’m a shop owner / retailer – how can I buy your bars and find out more about your wholesale pricing?

We sell our bars through a number of wholesalers and Business Accounts on Amazon can also receive a discount. You can find more information on these wholesalers by visiting our Stock Us page.

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I’m organising an event and would like to know if Wild Trail would be interested in sponsoring or partnering – who do I contact?

Please contact - we do partner with events (across various sports/activities) but we plan quite far ahead and obviously have a limit on how many partnerships we can sign up to during the year.  We’re also always looking for interesting consumer events to attend (ie. food festivals).  We’re always happy to hear suggestions and will always consider any approach.

I’m an individual/company looking to partner with the Wild Trail brand – who do I contact?

Please contact - we’re happy to consider approaches from individuals either looking to partner, become an ambassador or looking to review our products.

What events, individuals or companies does Wild Trail already partner with?

We partner with a range of sporting events across the year (you can see more details of these on our Events page).  Events include mass participation running events, duathlon and triathlon events, cycling sportives, mountain bike events, endurance events, hiking challenges and swimming events.  We also partner with Kelly-Jayne Emmerson (a lifestyle mountain bike blogger), Cotic Bikes, Mud & Routes, Mountain & Co, Explorers Connect, Run Wild and the Association of Mountaineering Instructors amongst others.

What type of events, companies or individuals are you looking to partner with?

We like partnering with events, companies and people that are all about getting active and getting outdoors. Simple as that! (Oh.. and we also like events centred around food, of course!). We’re often looking for our partners to have a strong presence on social media.

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What range of products are available on your web shop?

We sell our 46g bars via our Shop page (which will redirect you to our store.

Is there a delivery charge for your web shop?

No – Amazon delivery is free (and our products are also available on Amazon Prime for next day delivery.

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

We don’t deliver our own webshop orders internationally at present but Amazon delivers to specific territories.

Do you offer a subscription service?

You can subscribe to our products on Amazon using the Subscribe & Save function. Amazon offer a discount for customers buying via subscription.

Where else can I buy your bars online?

We’re available on Ocado, Amazon, Howies and a range of subscription sites as listed above in the ‘Where To Buy’ section.

How do I input a discount code?

Sometimes we offer discount codes for our Amazon store - these can be added in the promo code prompt when at the checkout stage of your order.

Can I cancel my order?

You would need to contact Amazon or cancel through their order settings in your Amazon account. 

Something’s wrong with my order - who do I contact?

Again, this rarely happens, but if you think something’s wrong with your order then please contact Amazon through their customer services team.

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