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Snacks for the GREAT outdoors…

At Wild Trail, we believe there’s nothing better than a life spent outdoors. That’s why it’s our mission to create snacks that encourage people to get outside, get active and enjoy their own wild trail… whatever or wherever that may be!

We want as many people as possible to be energised by our tasty snacks, so all our bars are gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan, high in fibre and with no added sugar. We also believe in keeping it simple - that’s why we use just five natural ingredients to create nutritionally balanced snack bars that give you SIMPLE. OUTDOOR. ENERGY.

Our Snacks

We use five simple, natural ingredients to create our nutritionally balanced snacks.

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Our Story

We’re inspired to create our snacks by our own wild trail… Snowdonia’s Craig yr Aderyn,


Five Simple Ingredients


We’re passionate about using quality natural ingredients that you’ll love and recognise. We don’t see the need for endless ingredients lists that read like something out of a science lab! We also want you to enjoy our bars whilst also fully understanding what’s in them - and what’s not. You won’t find any added sugar, preservatives or additives in our bars… just five simple ingredients that we’ve combined with craft, care and some Snowdonia magic to give a perfect balance of taste and texture.


Inspired by Snowdonia


We were inspired to make our healthier snacks by own our wild trail… Snowdonia’s Craig yr Aderyn (Bird Rock). Located just a skip and a jump away from our HQ, this rock has been our go-to place to explore, clear our heads and soak up the views. That’s why we based our bars on traditional trail mix recipes. We use wholesome ingredients that provide a quick energy boost from the natural sugars in the fruit whilst also fuelling muscles with slower release carbohydrates from the nuts and oats. The ideal combination to energise your adventures in the great outdoors!

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